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Lupin III: Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon Dubbed Hindi Movie Free Download Torrent ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Lupin squares off with two criminal families and Inspector Zenigata's new female patrol to track down a hoard of biblical-era treasure.

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original title: Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.1

duration: 1h 40min



keywords: newyork, mafia, stonetablet, babylon, thirdpart, basedonmanga, arsenelupin, carchase, dogfight, gunneddown, machinegun, masterthief, fight, goons, mobster, antihero, policeinspector, hiddentreasure, a

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Lupin squares off with two criminal families and Inspector Zenigata's new female patrol to track down a hoard of biblical-era treasure. In New York City, several stone tablets have been unearthed that tell a tale about the Gold of Babylon. 2 Mafia families are after it as well as Lupin the 3rd himself. An old drunken woman named Rosetta appears to know much about this treasure than meets the eye. While Zenigata has made a group of female partners that'll lure Lupin into handcuffs. But the race is on for the gold of Babel. Who is this Rosetta woman? and what is the connection between New York and the Gold? Terrible Lupin mainly because if I'd seen this one first I probably would never have bothered with the rest - which if you are reading this and wondering about Lupin - are vastly superior. Lupin himself is reduced to a ridiculous figure one minute scrambling up walls to avoid an old woman's sexual advances then deriding Zenigata by having an incredibly boring motorbike race or something over a giant vertical face (It has to be seen to be believed - what were they thinking!) So please do not judge Lupin on this piece of trash - watch some of the others which are great fun.

The plot is very predicable with Lupin 'working out' where the gold of Babylon is without any use of intelligence - it was pretty obvious about 30mins earlier before he headed off to Iraq. The aliens plot device bit is insane and adds nothing - maybe the Indy Jones Crystal Skull debacle was based on this! All in all get hold of any other Lupin and you will have a much better time. This is the 3rd Lupin Anime film. It's suppose to have the similar style from the 3rd TV series.

It takes place in New York mostly. Where we find Lupin being chased by Zenigata like always. After that he encounters an old woman who tells him that she holds the secret to the Gold of Babylon. Which is in fact the Babylon Tower itself that was meant to be the tallest structure known to man kind. As lupin progresses on his journey to unlooking the secret, he runs into the New York Mafia who also want the gold for themselves. With the help of his comrades and Zenigata using his own team of women to lure Lupin. This will be one crazy adventure for our favorite thief.

This one is nothing compared to Secret of Mamo or Castle of Cagliostro.

The animation is a little sloppy. Makes the animation in Secret of Mamo look better. Has some slap stick humor in it as well.

It's more like seeing one of those Cartoon shows in the 80s.

Has some laughs to it, but wouldn't say it's the best in the world.

I wouldn't recommend it to other Die-hard Lupin fans. It's something to see every now and then, but not on the top 5 list of an anime website.

I give it 6.5/10 for a decent Lupin anime to watch. They originally were going to release this after their "Fuma Conspiracy" DVD release. But it turns out that purchasing the rights to this movie were more expensive than the other two Lupin movies they obtained. The reason why is because it's a Seijun Suzuki directed film and all of his films have gotten more expensive in international media rights. Special thanks to Quentin Tarantino for making his works more well known in other countries. So Discotek decided to wait for whenever the price of the rights for this movie will become cheaper.


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